lovely luxardo


Monday 19th August

Not sure what to do on a Monday evening and still dreaming of that Italian summer holiday? Well, we can't give you the holiday but we can give you the summer vibe with our latest takeover event and lift the Monday blues at the same time.

As part of a nationwide tour, we are honoured that the global (yep, global!) brand ambassador from Luxardo will be in our humble venue on Monday 19 August for a master class tasting session, giving a background to the brand, the products in their portfolio and what lovely libations can be made from them. 

We will have a special drinks menu for the evening and at just £5 each, what reason do you have not to get involved?!

The Padova
Luxardo London Dry Gin - Bitter Bianco - Olive Bitters

Sakura Sour

Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin - Sangue Morlacco - 5 Spice - Orange Blossom - Lemon - Egg White


Luxardo Bitter Bianco - Tonic- Dill - Lemon

Sushi Sour

Luxardo Amaretto - Lemon- Bitters- Ginger- Wasabi

Dealer's Choice

Delicious stuff - Luxardo - In A Glass - Maybe

Luxardo Limoncello 

Open to industry and customer folk alike, the master class chats get real from about 4pm, followed by more chatting and drinking until close.

So if you're a fan of Italian gins, cherry liqueurs, Limoncello or Amaretto, pop along, bring your friends and reminisce of those balmy nights on the Italian coastline or Tuscan countryside whilst getting your Luxardo on.

Aloha hour


Our three hour happy hour!

Hello, bonjour, hola, wilkommen, ciao...basically aloha to our newly launched Aloha Hour drinks menu.

We say 'hour' but seeing as we like to share the love, it's a bit longer! From 4 - 7pm every day, we have a new menu of classic cocktails at only five of your Earth pounds. Yep, just a fiver, five notes, five quid...£5.00. We know, generous to a fault!

Swing by and sample this first list of ten classics. We'll be updating the menu throughout the year.

But it doesn't stop with cocktails. Heck no! How about these deals...

Bottle of house beer - £3.00

Double house spirit and mixer - £5.00

Schooner of beer and spirit chaser - £7.00

Bottle of house wine - £16.00

We look forward to giving you a warm Aloha!