laphroaig face day

Laphroaig tasting event
Peaty whisky
21 September 2019

Saturday 21 September

If you love whisky and in particular the peaty type, you're in for a treat. If not, you're still in for a treat!  

We're hosting a Laphroaig tasting event, designed to either embrace the lovers of this smoky treat or to dispel the thoughts of the doubters that you can't make a quality cocktail with a smoky whisky that doesn't remind you of sucking on BBQ ashes! 

Bring your A game as you'll have an opportunity to take a sip of this fine whisky and get your Laphroaig face on. Instagrammers...assemble!

The Laphroaig team will be serving cocktails that take away the peatyness (it's a word now!) and leave you pleasantly surprised. Educational and can be done!

The zero heroes

Lyre's tasting event
Low ABV drinks
Non alcoholic spirits
16 September 2019

Monday 16th September

Summer is over, the holidays are now a distant memory and we're in 'back to school' season. This means restricting the alcohol intake on a school night, especially if you've not completed your homework and have double Chemistry first thing in the morning. Now where's the fun in that?! Well, we may a solution to that. That solution being low or 0% ABV spirits.

We're hosting a tasting event alongside ours buds at Lyre's who will be showcasing their extensive portfolio of low ABV products that give bang for their buck without the hangover. Or bangover?!

Want to learn more? Then come and find us on Guildhall Lane from 4pm onwards. We'll have a host of cocktails showcasing the products at pocket money friendly prices.

Fancy a bit of homework? Nope, of course not but head to our Travel Blog page and learn a bit more about the Zero Heroes.

Aloha hour

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Our three hour happy hour!

Hello, bonjour, hola, wilkommen, ciao...basically aloha to our newly launched Aloha Hour drinks menu.

We say 'hour' but seeing as we like to share the love, it's a bit longer! From 4 - 7pm every day, we have a new menu of classic cocktails at only five of your Earth pounds. Yep, just a fiver, five notes, five quid...£5.00. We know, generous to a fault!

Swing by and sample this first list of ten classics. We'll be updating the menu throughout the year.

But it doesn't stop with cocktails. Heck no! How about these deals...

Bottle of house beer - £3.00

Double house spirit and mixer - £5.00

Schooner of beer and spirit chaser - £7.00

Bottle of house wine - £16.00

We look forward to giving you a warm Aloha!