10 Guildhall Lane, Leicester, United Kingdom LE1 5FQ, GB

the gadabout

Welcome to the gadabout, noun, 'a habitual pleasure-seeker'. We believe in seeking pleasure in all walks of life and our aim is to make that a reality in our quaint watering-hole. Whether you like cocktails, beer, wines or spirits, we'll have something to delight your taste buds. Our aim is to bring drinks inspired by every corner of the globe right to your lips.

So, "THE PINEAPPLE" we hear you scream, well use your eyeballs and we'll elaborate ever-so slightly on why this little guy is important to us.

The humble pineapple is the international symbol for what we can appreciate in a loving home; warmth, friendship and hospitality. These words are very important to us at the gadabout as they are what we are striving to achieve on a daily basis.

So enough of this, grab yourself a taxi, a bus or maybe a flying flamingo and come join us in the bar...we'll see you soon.